How Much Compensation Can You Win in a Wage or Overtime Claim?

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  2. How Much Compensation Can You Win in a Wage or Overtime Claim?

You have certain rights as a worker in Oklahoma. The vast majority of workers in Oklahoma are entitled to earn at least minimum wage for all hours worked. Some workers in Oklahoma also have the right to overtime pay, which is equal to at least one-and-one-half times their regular rate of pay.

If your right to minimum wage or overtime pay is violated, it’s important to hold your employer accountable by filing a legal claim. How much compensation can you win in a wage or overtime claim? Here’s what you need to know:

Compensation For Unpaid Wages

If you were not paid minimum wage or overtime pay, you can recover compensation for these unpaid wages by filing a claim against your employer.

For example, let’s say you are a non-exempt employee who is entitled to overtime pay for all hours worked over 40 hours per work week. Your employer violates your right to overtime pay by paying your regular hourly rate for the hours of overtime you worked. In this case, you would be awarded the difference between the overtime rate you should have been paid and the regular rate you were paid.

Liquidated Damages

You may be awarded liquidated damages in addition to compensation for your unpaid wages. Liquidated damages are awarded to workers in order to penalize employees for violating wage and hour laws. If your employer violates your right to minimum wage or overtime, they may be ordered to pay a penalty of 2% liquidated damages for each day that your wages are overdue.

There is a cap on liquidated damages in Oklahoma. You cannot be awarded more than the amount of your unpaid wages. For example, if you are entitled to $2,000 in unpaid wages, liquidated damages will be capped at $2,000.

Attorneys’ Fees

You shouldn’t have to pay legal costs in order to recover the money you rightfully earned. Thankfully, if you win your wage or overtime claim, your employer will also be required to pay your attorneys’ fees. This ensures that you won’t have to pay out of pocket to protect your rights to minimum wage and overtime pay.

Has your employer violated your right to overtime or minimum wage? If so, contact Armstrong & Vaught, P.L.C. right away. Our experienced attorneys will aggressively fight back to ensure you are awarded as much compensation as possible. Call us at (918) 582-2500 or toll-free at (800) 722-8880 or complete the simple form below for a free consultation with a skilled attorney.

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