What Deadlines Are Associated with Filing a Workplace Discrimination Lawsuit?

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  2. What Deadlines Are Associated with Filing a Workplace Discrimination Lawsuit?
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When it comes to employment discrimination, there’s not usually one date on which the event occurred. In most cases, discrimination refers to an ongoing hostile work environment. Sometimes the situation lasts for weeks, but in others, it may go on for months or years. Both federal and state laws protect employees from discrimination in the workplace, but prompt action is essential to accommodate the deadlines.

Federal & State Employment Laws Protect Against Discrimination in the Workplace:

An employee filing an Oklahoma discrimination lawsuit may file both federal and state claims. However, while both federal and state laws offer protection to employees seeking relief from workplace discrimination, the requirements and deadlines associated with them vary. If a plaintiff waits too long to file, their state claim could be dismissed while their federal claim moves forward.

What Sort of Deadlines Are Associated With Oklahoma Workplace Discrimination Claims?

For example, if an employee experiences workplace discrimination but waits too long to file, they could find their options limited. Employment discrimination claims are handled differently than many others as the employee is required to file a complaint with an administrative agency first before pursuing the case in court. Under the Oklahoma Anti-Discrimination Act (OADA), employees must file a complaint with the Oklahoma Human Rights Commission (OHRC) within 180 days after the alleged discrimination takes place (based on the last discriminatory act that occurs). Under Title VII (federal law), employees have 300 days to bring a complaint as long as the employee first institutes proceedings with a state or local agency.

Juggling both federal and state deadlines is just one aspect of filing an Oklahoma discrimination lawsuit. Don’t delay, contact Armstrong & Vaught P.L.C., Tulsa’s Premier Workers’ Compensation, Employment, and Social Security Law attorneys. We have the experience you need on your side.

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