Work Injury Lawyer

Workplace injuries can happen in virtually any industry. When you suffer a work injury, there are protocols to follow to ensure you get the help you need. Most employers in Oklahoma are required to carry Workers’ Compensation insurance to protect themselves and their employees in the event of an accident and injuries. An Oklahoma Work Injury Lawyer can provide significant guidance and legal protections if you get hurt at work.

What Should I Do If I Suffer a Work Injury?

If you suffer a work injury in Oklahoma, you should be sure to follow the proper steps. Protecting your rights, informing your employer, and getting the medical care you need are of vital importance. Take these steps if you get injured at work:

Immediately Report Your Injury to Your Employer

When you sustain a work injury, you should immediately inform your immediate supervisor at your place of employment. In Oklahoma, employees must report any work injury within 30 days. It is always best to report an injury as soon as possible in order to obtain the necessary medical treatment.

File an Injury Report

File an injury report with your employer. This is important documentation that can be used when filing a claim for Workers’ Compensation. It can also be critical evidence if complications arise over your benefits or when negotiating a settlement. Be sure to keep a copy of this report for your own records.

Get Medical Care for Your Injuries

You should seek a medical evaluation and treatment as soon as possible after suffering any work injury. This is essential for protecting your personal health and your rights. Some injuries can be hidden at first, only revealing symptoms after the initial adrenaline rush. Getting your injuries on the record with professional treatment is also important for any claims or settlements in the future.

File a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Your employer can help you complete this claim, or a Work Injury Lawyer in OK can provide assistance. Always ask your employer to provide you with the proper documents and file the claim as soon as possible after your injury. Be sure the claim details the events surrounding your accident and specific injuries clearly and honestly.

Contact a Work Injury Lawyer for Guidance

An Oklahoma Work Injury Lawyer from the Armstrong Law Firm, PLC can provide significant guidance throughout your injury recovery and subsequent Workers’ Compensation claim process. We can explain your legal options, help with paperwork and claim filing, handle issues with your employer and Workers’ Compensation and even file a work injury lawsuit if warranted.

Contact the Armstrong Law Firm, PLC in Tulsa at (918) 582-2500 to arrange a free consultation to review your case.

What Injuries are Covered Under Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation?

Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation covers a wide range of workplace injuries and illnesses. This includes injuries from accidents or events that occur while performing work duties, as well as illnesses or conditions that develop over time due to work-related activities. Some examples of covered injuries include:

  • Broken bones
  • Burns
  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Back injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Repetitive motion injuries
  • More…

Additionally, occupational diseases such as lung disease, hearing loss, and skin conditions may also be covered if they are a result of work-related exposure. Consult with a Tulsa Work Injury Lawyer from the Armstrong Law Firm for specific guidance.

Do I Need a Work Injury Lawyer in OK if My Employer Has Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Although most employers in OK carry Workers’ Compensation insurance, many problems can arise when you attempt to navigate the system to obtain the benefits you deserve. Disputes over benefits, delays in treatment, attempts to reduce your payouts, employer disputes and more can complicate things when you are trying to recover from a workplace accident injury.

Sometimes an employer may deny your injury occurred at work to escape filing a claim and possibly seeing a rise in their insurance rates. A work injury lawyer can level the playing field by providing serious legal representation to deal with insurance company representatives, claim adjusters, and employers while you focus on healing.

Moreover, Workers’ Compensation claims can be fraught with stress and time-consuming details. You should focus on healing and recovery while a legal professional handles the process. Your OK work injury attorney from Armstrong Law Firm, PLC can tirelessly pursue your claim and see that you receive every benefit you deserve under the law.

Our vital work for you can include:

  • Gathering evidence to prove your work injury claim
  • Calculating your present and future medical expenses
  • Determining your level of disability
  • Seeking back pay from your employer where appropriate
  • Representing you at any hearings
  • Negotiating a fair settlement with insurance and your employer
  • Protecting your legal rights throughout the claims process

The context of your work injury is critical for determining the benefits to which you are entitled. If negligence or third parties were involved, matters become even more complicated. A work injury lawyer dedicated to your best interests can handle these matters while you focus on your recovery. Even after you recover and return to work, issues can arise. Workplace retaliation from your employer or other employees is not uncommon, but this is illegal. A work injury lawyer can help you prove retaliation, provide counsel on your possible next steps, and even work to recover compensation.

Protect Yourself with an Oklahoma Work Injury Lawyer in Tulsa

Work injuries can be life-changing, impacting your life, relationships, career, and future health. Protect yourself with an Oklahoma Work Injury Lawyer in Tulsa from the Armstrong Law Firm, PLC. We understand the struggles caused by workplace injuries and can guide you throughout the entire claims and recovery process.

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