Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Oklahoma

If you become injured on the job in Oklahoma, the situation may seem overwhelming. Not only are you suffering from an injury and the resulting discomfort, immobility, and recovery process, you are likely worried about medical expenses, the wages you lose while missing work, and other concerns. Workers’ Compensation is designed to alleviate those worries by providing assistance for injured workers.

A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Oklahoma from the Armstrong Law Firm PLC can provide valuable assistance with the entire process of filing a claim and obtaining your rightful benefits when you suffer an injury at work. Our skilled attorneys can handle the complex details while you prioritize your health and recovery.

What is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ Compensation is insurance your employer carries to cover the costs incurred when an employee becomes injured at work. Oklahoma state law mandates that most employers must carry this insurance to protect themselves and their employees. Workers’ Compensation benefits are provided to those who sustain an injury while at work or while performing work-related activities away from the company headquarters; they are also available for employees who become ill or disabled, re-injure a former injury, or aggravate a preexisting medical condition because of their working conditions or an accident.

What Benefits Can I Receive from Workers’ Compensation?

Injured workers are eligible for specific benefits from Workers’ Compensation, which are typically paid out through the employer’s insurance company. These benefits include:

  • Medical care for work-related injuries or illnesses
  • Payments for wages lost as a result of work-related injuries or illnesses
  • Replacement for lost wages through temporary total disability (TTD)
  • Compensation for permanent disabilities (with limitations)
  • Death benefits for the families of workers who died due to a work-related injury
  • Vocational retraining and/or job placement for workers who are unable to return to their prior occupation

An Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Lawyer from the Armstrong Law Firm PLC can explain more about the benefits you are entitled to receive in a confidential consultation. Your injuries and their severity impact your benefits and there are restrictions and time frames to observe. Contact us today if you’ve been injured on the job in Tulsa to get the information and support you need.

When Would I Need a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Oklahoma?

Workers’ Compensation is designed to care for injured employees when they suffer an injury on the job. That seems simple enough, but as a state government regulated program, it is anything but simple. Even a small injury claim can run into complications. Your employer, complex paperwork and regulations, delays with medical treatments, and more can all require the professional services of an experienced Workers’ Compensation Lawyer.

The Armstrong Law Firm PLC can provide information, answers, and legal representation to help make sure you receive the benefits you deserve under the law. Pursuing a Workers’ Compensation injury claim can be fraught with complications, and a knowledgeable Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Tulsa can help you navigate the intricate and often time-consuming process of obtaining the benefits you need to support you while you recover from injuries.

Workers’ Compensation FAQs

Workers in Oklahoma may have numerous questions about Workers’ Compensation and how it affects them when they become injured. Here are some of the more common frequently asked questions and answers from our Workers’ Compensation specialists.

What should I do if I become injured on the job?

Any injury you sustain on the job should be reported to your supervisor as soon as possible. Employees must report a single event injury to their employer within 30 days. In cases of occupational disease or injuries caused by “repeated” trauma, an employee must give notice to the employer within 90 days.

What injuries are covered under Workers’ Compensation in Oklahoma?

Any injury incurred in the course of your work is covered, with some restrictions. For example, if you become injured while intoxicated at work, while fighting, or while pursuing recreational or social activities while at work, your injuries may not be covered.

Does it matter who was at fault for my accident?

Workers’ Compensation operates under a “no-fault” system, meaning if you become injured on the job, you can receive benefits regardless of whether you caused the accident, someone else did, or your employer or another entity was at fault. The stipulations in the above question apply.

Can I choose my own doctors under Workers’ Compensation?

Your employer has the right to select the treating physician. However, an employee is allowed to secure necessary medical services from a physician of the employee’s choice, at the employer’s expense, where the employer fails or neglects to provide treatment within seven days after actual notice of the injury, or where an emergency exists.

How long can I receive Workers’ Compensation benefits in Oklahoma?

You may receive temporary disability benefits for as long as you are unable to work, subject to certain limitations. The maximum duration of these benefits is 156 weeks, unless there is a consequential injury, in which case the court may award an additional 52 weeks. Other benefits depend on your injuries and their severity, and other factors.

Experienced Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Tulsa

When you become injured at work in Tulsa, you need an experienced Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in your corner. The Armstrong Law Firm PLC provides seasoned, knowledgeable, and compassionate counsel and legal representation for injured Oklahoma workers to help them get the benefits they deserve under the law. Contact us today at (918) 582-2500 or complete the contact form online to request a free consultation.



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