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Tulsa Workers' Compensation Attorneys

Do you need Tulsa Workers’ Compensation Attorneys to help with your claim? Thousands of Oklahoma workers sustain injuries, and file Workers’ Compensation claims yearly. They fully expect to receive the benefits to which they are entitled under state law, including medical expenses, lost wages and other benefits. Unfortunately, too many workers with legitimate claims encounter difficulties receiving their benefits. When you partner with The Armstrong Law Firm, PLC, here is what you can expect from the best Tulsa Workers’ Compensation Attorneys.

A Seasoned Attorney to Represent Your Interests

When you sustain an injury at work, you should only have to focus on one primary thing – recovering from your injuries. That is the reason Workers’ Compensation exists. However, when troubles surface about your claim, questions about your injury, or other issues threaten your benefits, you need to contact the best Tulsa Workers’ Compensation Attorneys at The Armstrong Law Firm, PLC.

Seasoned Tulsa Workers’ Compensation attorneys from our office can represent your interests before your employer, insurance company representatives, medical practitioners and other stakeholders. We can handle the details of defending your claim, employer relations and other legal matters so you can get well. Often, just the fact of having an attorney representing you can clear the fog surrounding troubled claims.

Talented Researchers to Collect Valuable Evidence

One complicated area of pursuing a Workers’ Compensation claim is providing evidence to document your injury and its necessary treatment. Unfortunately, when the accident or other incident caused your injury, you and others around you may have been more focused on immediate or emergency first aid and transporting you to an appropriate medical treatment facility. Sometimes this means valuable evidence for your claim can be overlooked – or hidden.

Were you injured due to the negligence of your employer? Were necessary safety precautions overlooked or ignored? Were others at fault for the accident? A team of talented researchers from our office can collect valuable evidence about the circumstances surrounding your injury and uncover issues that should be dealt with to prevent other injuries. We can also collect the medical evidence to validate your claim with Workers’ Compensation.

A Powerful Negotiator in Settlement Agreements

The Workers’ Compensation insurance company and your employer may sometimes offer a settlement agreement. Unfortunately, this is almost always because the insurance company seeks to reduce their possible losses, not provide you with the best benefits. The best Tulsa Workers’ Compensation Attorneys from The Armstrong Law Firm, PLC are powerful negotiators who can obtain the best settlement agreements for your case. We can calculate your present and future needs and hammer out the best agreement in your best interests.

An Experienced Representative In a Workers’ Compensation Hearing

Some Workers’ Compensation claims are referred to the Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Commission for a hearing. Your attorney can collect the necessary research, evidence, records and testimony to build a strong case and present this to the judge while ensuring the proceedings are handled legally. In addition, our attorneys know when and how to counter insurance company tactics and other ploys to get claims rejected, and we will fight for your rights to benefits under the law.

A Knowledgeable Lawyer to Draft and Pursue Any Necessary Appeals

Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation claims can be denied for various reasons, some trivial and some complex. Our knowledgeable lawyers know how to ferret the necessary details and then draft and pursue an appeal to fight for your benefits. You have every right to expect equal treatment and compensation under the law when you have been injured at work. The Armstrong Law Firm, PLC is your professional legal team that fights diligently to ensure you receive everything you deserve.

Have you recently been injured at work in Oklahoma? Call Tulsa Workers’ Compensation Attorneys at The Armstrong Law Firm, PLC, today to schedule a private consultation.


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