How Do I Submit New Medical Documentation to the Social Security Administration?

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  2. How Do I Submit New Medical Documentation to the Social Security Administration?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) will need to see your medical records in order to determine whether or not you qualify for disability benefits. But it can take months for the SSA to review your application and reach a decision. During this time, it’s possible that your medical condition could change. If this happens, it’s your responsibility to notify the SSA of the changes. Here’s how to submit new medical documentation to the SSA:

How to Submit New Evidence After Applying For Benefits

If you need to submit new medical evidence after applying for benefits, the process will vary depending on whether or not your claim has already been assigned to a disability examiner. If your claim has not been assigned to an examiner yet, new medical evidence can be submitted directly to a local SSA office either by mail or in-person.

The SSA will mail you a letter to let you know once your claim has been assigned to an examiner. This letter should include the name and contact information for the disability examiner assigned to your case. If you need to submit new evidence after your claim has been assigned, use the contact information provided by the SSA to send the documentation directly to the examiner.

How to Submit New Evidence After Being Denied Benefits

You have the right to file an appeal if your claim has been denied. If your medical condition has changed since your initial application, make sure you send new medical documentation to the SSA when you submit your appeal forms. This ensures that the SSA has the updated information that they need to review your appeal.

How to Submit New Evidence After Being Approved For Benefits

You are still required to notify the SSA when your condition changes even if you have already been approved for disability benefits. This is true regardless of whether your condition is getting better or worse.

You can send new medical evidence to your local SSA office by mail or drop them off in-person. You can also report these changes in the “My Social Security” section on

If you ever submit new medical evidence to the SSA, make sure you keep a copy of the documents so you have a record of what was sent.

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