What Is the Disability Expedited Reinstatement Program?

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  2. What Is the Disability Expedited Reinstatement Program?

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits won’t continue forever. Your SSDI benefits will stop if you no longer qualify for the program. But, what happens if you requalify in the future? Will you have to go through the same application process? Not necessarily. Here’s what you should know about the disability expedited reinstatement program:

What is the Disability Expedited Reinstatement Program?

The expedited reinstatement program was established to ensure that people who requalify for benefits could avoid the lengthy application process. Instead, eligible applicants can ask the Social Security Administration (SSA) to expedite their reinstatement so they can start receiving benefits again as quickly as possible.

For example, let’s say you decided to return to work while receiving disability benefits. Eventually, your benefits stopped because your monthly income exceeded the substantial gainful activity (SGA) limit set by the SSA. But several months later, your disability started to interfere with your ability to work. Because you were not able to work as much, your income dropped below the SGA limit, which means you qualify for benefits again. Instead of submitting a new application, you can ask the SSA to expedite the reinstatement of your benefits.

How to Apply For Expedited Reinstatement

To qualify, you must file for expedited reinstatement of benefits within five years of the date your benefits ended. You will need to submit several forms during the application process, including the Work Activity Report and Continuing Disability Report. These forms will provide the SSA with the information they need regarding your current condition and the work you have performed since your benefits were terminated.

The SSA will then review your application to determine whether or not you qualify for expedited reinstatement. If you are suffering from the same disability that previously qualified for benefits and your condition has not improved, your application will most likely be approved.

The expedited reinstatement application process is much faster than the initial application process. However, you should not expect to receive approval overnight. Fortunately, the SSA provides provisional benefits to applicants who are waiting to find out whether they are approved for expedited reinstatement. These benefits will continue for six months, so you should know whether or not your application has been approved by the time they end.

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