Can I Start a New Job While Receiving Workers’ Compensation Benefits from a Previous Employer?

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Can I Start a New Job While Receiving Workers’ Compensation Benefits from a Previous Employer?

Accidental injuries at work can be devastating, leaving you out of work and struggling to meet your financial obligations while you recover. You may even be unable to return to your former role or profession. Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation provides certain benefits to help while you cannot work during your recovery and if you suffer a disabling injury. But what happens to your Workers’ Compensation benefits if you start a new job?

Why Would I Start a New Job After a Work-Related Injury?

Workers change jobs for all sorts of reasons. Injured workers may even have more reasons to seek new employment. Common reasons to start a new job include:

  • Better pay and benefits
  • Better work environment
  • Better educational and advancement opportunities
  • Starting a career in a new area or industry
  • Escaping a negative work experience
  • Moving to a new area

Sustaining a work-related injury may trigger your search for a new, safer job. You may already have been in the process of accepting a new job with a different employer when you became injured. Or, your injury may require you to take a less demanding job that meets physical restrictions imposed by your treating physician.

You have the legal right in Oklahoma to leave your current employer and start a new job elsewhere while you are still receiving Workers’ Compensation benefits. However, you should be aware that this may impact your weekly benefit amount.

Workers’ Compensation Benefit Impacts When Changing Jobs

Your medical treatment or ongoing therapy should still be covered even if you start a new job. The insurance company is still responsible for paying for medical care necessary to help you recover. Trouble could arise if you begin a new job that somehow compromises your medical condition. For example, if you accept a new job with requirements violating any physical restrictions placed by your treating physician, Workers’ Compensation could cancel your medical care benefits.

While it is possible to start a new job while receiving Workers’ Compensation benefits, you should discuss any potential job decisions with your treating physician and a Workers’ Compensation Attorney. You want to be sure that your new job does not compromise your eligibility to continue receiving benefits or otherwise interfere with your claim. In addition, if you are seeking a financial settlement from your employer or from Workers’ Compensation, it may be advantageous to remain with your current employer until your case is settled.

Consult with an Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation laws are complicated and how they impact your benefits when changing jobs can be problematic according to your situation. The last thing you want is to make a serious mistake and lose your benefits while being accused of Workers’ Compensation fraud. A seasoned Workers’ Compensation Attorney from The Armstrong Law Firm, PLC, can make sure you take no missteps while filing an injury claim and making other critical decisions.

Take the first step in securing your rights, benefits, and future by contacting us in Tulsa to schedule a free consultation about your Workers’ Compensation injury claim. We are happy to review your case and offer sound advice on your next steps. Partnering with us helps you make the best decisions for your case and your future. Call us today at (918) 582-2500 or complete the contact form online to request a free consultation.


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