Hidden Gems: Lesser-Known Workers’ Compensation Benefits

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Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation provides workers significant benefits if they become ill or sustain injuries at work. However, there are several lesser-known Workers’ Compensation benefits available that may fly under the radar. As with any type of insurance or law, there are many provisions, and the various applications can be complex.

The Armstrong Law Firm, PLC, in Tulsa, can explain more about how this program protects workers and applies in your case if you become injured. Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Attorney Craig Armstrong reviews some of these hidden gems and what they could offer you.

OK Workers’ Compensation Benefits You Shouldn’t Overlook

Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation insurance carried by your employer covers medical expenses, wage replacement, and other benefits at no cost to you when you become injured at work. Your employer may not be familiar with all the benefits available or the details, and insurance companies are not known for being completely forthcoming. In fact, insurance companies make money by limiting benefits, so if you are unaware of certain benefits and do not use them, they save money.

Here are just a few critical benefits that may be available to you:

Wage Differential Benefits

You may already know that Workers’ Compensation provides wage replacement benefits when you are injured and unable to work. However, you may also qualify for additional benefits when you are able to return to work. If you were only able to return to a position working fewer hours or for less pay, you might be eligible for Workers’ Compensation benefits to make up the difference between your new pay and what you earned before your injury.

Prescription Medication Benefits

Workers’ Compensation covers any medications prescribed by your treating physician. Moreover, you should be able to obtain your prescriptions free without paying for them upfront. Paying for them and then attempting to get reimbursed by Workers’ Compensation could result in you receiving less than what you paid. Ask your doctor or pharmacist about how to bill your prescriptions directly to your employer’s Workers’ Compensation insurance.

Second Medical Opinions

Your employer has the right to choose your treating physician. However, if you become dissatisfied with the diagnosis or care you receive, you may request a second medical opinion from another physician on the employer’s list of approved providers. Your employer’s Workers’ Compensation insurance should cover these expenses for obtaining a second opinion.

Changing Physicians

Although your employer can choose your physician, if they have not chosen one within five days of your injury or illness, you may choose your own. You also have the right to request a one-time change to another physician. Your employer can then present three choices for your consideration.

Get What You Deserve from OK Workers’ Compensation

Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Attorney Craig Armstrong has produced a video where he uncovers more hidden gems of Workers’ Compensation benefits. These benefits are not necessarily hidden but may be difficult to uncover by those unfamiliar with the program and its governing laws. A seasoned Workers’ Compensation lawyer in Tulsa can help you discover all the benefits you deserve and help ensure you receive them without undue delays.

Don’t depend on insurance companies that do not have your best interests in mind – get the help you need to get what you deserve when you sustain injuries at work in Oklahoma. Contact The Armstrong Law Firm, PLC, for a free consultation.

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