10 Top Reasons Workers’ Compensation Claims are Denied

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  2. 10 Top Reasons Workers’ Compensation Claims are Denied
Workers' Compensation Claims

Workplace injuries happen every day in Oklahoma. Denied  Workers’  Compensation claims also happen on a regular basis. A denied claim could occur for any number of reasons, but denial means your medical care expenses will not be covered and you will receive no benefits to help offset missed wages during your recovery.

Reasons Workers’ Compensation Claims are Denied

An experienced Oklahoma Workers’  Compensation attorney can provide vital assistance if your  Workers’  Compensation claim is denied. Many denials are for easily corrected mistakes or details that were overlooked. Let’s look at the ten most common reasons  Workers’  Compensation claims in Oklahoma are denied.

  1. The injury was not work-related – injuries must occur on the job or during job-related activities.
  2. The injured worker failed to notify their employer in the time frame allowed – you must report an injury to your employer within 30 days.
  3. The claim was not filed before the applicable deadline – your employer must submit a claim within 10 daysof an injury being reported.
  4. There is no evidence to support the claim – no video or witnesses exist to support your injury claim.
  5. The employee refused a medical evaluation or treatment – refusal of medical treatment could indicate the employee is hiding something or making a false claim.
  6. The employee violated or ignored safety rules – being at work intoxicated, fighting, roughhousing, or ignoring safety rules makes an injury your responsibility.
  7. The injury was reported after a long holiday weekend – this could be seen as trying to have an injury sustained over the weekend covered as a work injury.
  8. The employee’s disciplinary record is questionable – problematic employees could behave in ways to be at higher risk for injuries.
  9. The employee has prior Workers’  Compensation claims – more than one  Workers’  Compensation claim within a certain time frame could indicate risky behavior.
  10. The employee has a previous injury to the same area – pre-existing injuries are not covered under Workers’

Protect Your Rights with an Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Some minor errors in your claim can be easily corrected. A lack of evidence or other dubious circumstances may require more experienced help. An Oklahoma  Workers’  Compensation attorney from Armstrong Law Firm, P.L.C. can help locate evidence, develop medical records, and otherwise substantiate your at-work injury claim.

Contact us today by phone at (918) 582-2500 or complete the form on our contact page if your workers’ compensation claim is denied.

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