Are You Entitled to Workers’ Compensation for Repetitive Stress Injuries in Oklahoma?

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  2. Are You Entitled to Workers’ Compensation for Repetitive Stress Injuries in Oklahoma?

There are several different types of on-the-job injuries that are covered by the workers’ compensation system. Accidents such as falls, dangerous chemical exposure, vehicle crashes, cuts and lacerations cause many on-the-job injuries every year. But, there are also many injuries that develop as a result of repetitive movement. Here’s what you need to know about obtaining workers’ compensation for repetitive stress injuries:

What is a repetitive stress injury?

Repetitive stress injuries occur when the body is performing the same movements repetitively over time.  These types of injuries typically affect muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments in the back or extremities.  Repetitive stress injuries can occur when, as part of a normal work function, an employee must:

  • Use a computer, keyboard and mouse for hours every day
  • Stand in one spot for a long period of time
  • Have to bend and lift heavy objects or people
  • Use vibrating tools like jackhammers

Some of the most common types of repetitive stress injuries include but are not limited to:

Carpal tunnel syndrome: an injury to the medial nerve that runs through the wrist, causing pain or numbness in the fingers and thumbs and making it difficult to grasp items.

Tendonitis: when tendons in the fingers, hands, feet, toes, and other extremities become inflamed and painful.

Chronic lower back pain: constant lifting, pulling, or carrying heavy objects can cause chronic back pain that can linger for months and typically requires pain management treatment.

Bursitis: a painful condition that is caused when the bursae — small, fluid-filled sacs that cushion bones, muscles, and tendons near the joints — become inflamed.

Unfortunately, repetitive stress injuries are extremely difficult to cure completely.  And if your job requires you to keep performing the same movements that created your repetitive stress injury, you could become permanently disabled.

Workers’ compensation claims for repetitive stress injuries

Workers that have been diagnosed with a repetitive stress injury must notify their employers within six months of the date of their last injury, so it’s important not to wait to file a claim.  In order to obtain benefits, you must prove that your injury is work-related and that it is a serious condition.  You will want to have medical evidence to support your claim, including a medical record of treatment, X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, or other diagnostic tests that support the diagnosis of a repetitive stress injury.

Have you suffered a repetitive stress injury? If so, let us help. The experienced attorneys at Armstrong & Vaught, P.L.C. will work tirelessly to obtain the workers’ compensation benefits you are entitled to for your injuries. Call us at (918) 582-2500 or toll-free at (800) 722-8880 or complete the simple form below for a free consultation with a skilled attorney.

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