What Are My Employer’s Workers’ Comp Responsibilities in Oklahoma?

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  2. What Are My Employer’s Workers’ Comp Responsibilities in Oklahoma?

Employers are bound by law to pay for the treatment of injuries that their employees sustain on the job through workers’ compensation insurance. Workplace injuries often go unreported, either because the worker was not aware of his or her rights, or the employer wanted to avoid responsibility.

Per the Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Commission, employers are responsible for performing the following duties:

  • Each job site must have posted a notice of compliance with workers’ compensation laws in a conspicuous location.
  • If a worker sustains an injury at a work site, the employer should promptly arrange medical attention for the worker.
  • The employer can select the physician to treat the worker’s injuries but this treatment should be provided within five days of being informed about the injury.
  • If the employer fails to provide the worker with the necessary medical treatment within this period, the worker has the right to seek treatment on his own from a doctor of his choosing.
  • If the employee requires emergency treatment and the employer does not provide it, the worker can seek it on his own and select his own physician for treatment.
  • The employer is required to report the injury to the Workers’ Compensation Commission.
  • The employer can deny a claim but to do so, the employer must file CC-Form-2A within 15 days of being informed of the injury.
  • In case an investigation is necessary to determine whether an injury in fact occurred, the employer will file a CC-Form-2A extension within 15 days.

Employers also have a duty not to retaliate against any employee who files for workers’ compensation benefits. Retaliation can take the form of harassment, demotion, a cut in pay, or even dismissal. Employees who believe they may have been retaliated against because of a workers’ comp claim may be able to file suit against their employers for discrimination.

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