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Workers often sustain finger amputation injuries when using heavy machinery or equipment such as milling machines, food slicers, meat grinders, non-powered conveyors, hand tools, and forklifts. There’s no doubt that losing a finger is one of the most devastating and debilitating workplace injuries. If you have lost a finger in a work-related accident, it’s important to understand your right to workers’ compensation benefits.

Permanent Partial Disability Benefits For Finger Amputations

Permanent partial disability benefits are typically awarded to partially disabled workers who cannot return to their pre-injury job but can still perform some type of work. However, workers who have suffered finger amputation injuries are eligible for permanent partial disability benefits regardless of whether or not they are capable of returning to their pre-injury job.

How Long Will Permanent Partial Disability Benefits Continue?

The number of weeks that you will receive permanent partial disability benefits will vary depending on the finger that was amputated as follows:

  • Thumb: 66 weeks
  • First finger: 39 weeks
  • Second finger: 33 weeks
  • Third finger: 22 weeks
  • Fourth finger: 17 weeks

These benefits will continue even if you are able to return to your pre-injury job.

How to Calculate Permanent Partial Disability Benefits

The permanent partial disability rate of compensation will equal the lesser of 70% of your average weekly wage or $350. For example, let’s say your thumb was amputated and 70% of your average weekly wage is $300. In this case, you would receive $300 per week for a period of 66 weeks, or $19,800.

However, compensation can vary for workers who did not lose the entire finger. For instance, let’s say only the first bone in your first finger was amputated. The law states you are only entitled to half of the compensation that would be awarded for a complete finger amputation. Using the same example above, this means you would only receive $9,900 in permanent partial disability benefits.

The amount of compensation that is awarded to workers who have suffered multiple finger amputations can vary on a case-by-case basis. But, the law states that the benefits awarded to these workers cannot exceed the benefits awarded to workers who have lost a hand. This means workers with multiple finger amputations cannot receive more than 220 weeks of benefits.

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